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Ontario groups urge 18A film ratings forsmoking

Paul Bliss | CTV Toronto (25 Feb 2017)
Video clip: The day before the 2017 Oscars, CTV Toronto interviews Ontario Coalition for Smokefree Movies' Chris Yacatto and Tracy McCharles, Ontario's Minister of Consumer Services, whose agency overseas the film ratings. Read more...


MPAA argues ban on smoking in movies defies First Amendment

Scott Simon | NPR (23 Jul 2016)
Should a child going to a G-rated movie be exposed to characters smoking on screen? The MPAA is defending itself from a lawsuit about that. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with film historian David Thomson. Read more...

Hollywood not honoring anti-smoking pledge: Lawsuit

Jenna Susko and Amy Corral | NBC 4 Los Angeles (4 Apr 2016)
A nearly 60-page complaint filed by Timothy Forsyth accuses the film industry of ignoring scientific evidence linking big screen smoking to adolescent habits. Read more...


How smoking in movies drives kids to become smokers

MD Samir Gupta | (16 Sep 2015)
We now know that protecting kids from the influence of smoking in movies today is a key to preventing them from becoming smokers tomorrow. Read more...


Canadian teens lured into smoking through movies

CTV News | The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (4 Sep 2014)
Despite strict rules against tobacco advertising in Canada, the industry is making its way into movies, including those geared toward teens. Read more...

Is the tobacco lobby losing its grip?

Bill Hockenberry | The Takeaway (PRI) (6 Feb 2014)
Stan Glantz: Movies are the major place that kids get pro-tobacco media exposure. Read more...

Surgeon General: 'Sex and the City,' movies that glamorize lighting up...a factor in rise in smoking

Jake and Metzger Tapper Jessica | The Lead (CNN) (17 Jan 2014)
Report says that young people are being exposed to 14.9 billion tobacco impressions in youth-rated films. Read more...

Golden Globes' sexy portrayal of e-cigarettes makes lawmakers smolder

Aliah Git | CBS This Morning (16 Jan 2014)
Four US senators fired off angry letters to NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Read more...


Preventing youth smoking

Dave Iverson | KQED Radio 'Forum' (9 Mar 2012)
UCSF's Stan Glantz and Pam Ling discuss U.S. Surgeon General's report. Read more...


Smoke's on the silver screen

Jian Ghomeshi | CBC (13 Jan 2010)
Stan Glantz and Katherine Monk debate onscreen smoking.