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Deadpool 2 is tedious and predictable

David Edelstein | Vulture (15 May 2018)
...Deadpool, a 20th Century Fox release, opens with Reynolds exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke into the camera, probably meant to tweak his superhero cousins at Disney, which doesn’t permit smoking in its movies. Disney, of course, is on the brink of acquiring Fox’s entertainment division, which will make it even more of a franchise-oriented juggernaut than it already is. Although that’s an alarming prospect, I’m all for purging cigarettes from movies and TV, which statistics show have an undue influence in getting kids to start smoking. Read more...


'Eddie the Eagle' soars, but Hugh Jackman's cigarette smoking stinks

Jeff Sneider | The Wrap (26 Feb 2016)
The period film is rated PG-13, and one of the reasons for that is his character’s insistence on lighting up. Read more...


When humans fight back

David Edelstein | New York Magazine (29 Jul 2011)
So why make cigarettes look cool—unless you have a deal with Big Tobacco? Read more...


This article is not yet rated

A.O. Scott | The New York Times (24 Jan 2010)
We want movies to acknowledge what is real, but also to improve on reality. Read more...

Smoking in movies

Mick Lasalle | San Francisco Chronicle (4 Jan 2010)
If you look at the smoking in recent releases, it has been decidedly unglamorous. Read more...


The verdict at Sundance: Debuts on difficult subjects

Elvis Mitchell | The New York Times (27 Jan 2003)
So much contemplative dragging on cigarettes amid operatic shafts of backlighting. Read more...