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Attack of the nannies

John Leo | U.S. News (5 Jul 2005)
It's a good idea to stop glamorizing smoking in movies, but the nannies want more. Read more...


Pic smoke chokes

Mark Bisgeier | Variety (23 Jan 2003)
The R rating would be the right thing to do … and wouldn't cost the industry a cent. Read more...

My first cigarette, and my last

Kirk Douglas | The New York Times (16 May 2003)
Hollywood started me smoking, literally putting a cigarette in my hand. Read more...

Rate films with smoking 'R' for their influence on kids

Gilbert Ross | USA Today (19 Aug 2003)
What will it take to get Hollywood executives to address the dangers of smoking? Read more...

Rate tobacco use

Mark Bisgeier | Variety (9 Sep 2003)
Tobacco use in a kid-rated film doesn't sell the film. But it does sell tobacco — to kids. Read more...

Bad? Yes — the flicks made us do it

Nick Gillespie | Los Angeles Times (3 Sep 2003)
Nothing better to do than intimidate and harass an entertainment industry that has broken no laws. Read more...


Big Tobacco vs. Hollywood

Jonathan R. Polansky | The Atlantic Monthly (1 Nov 2004)
A notorious industry targets Hollywood's favorite candidates for defeat. Read more...


Hollywood's responsibility for smoking deaths

Joe Eszterhas | The New York Times (9 Aug 2002)
My movie made a lot of money; so did their new cigarette. Read more...

Anti-smokers ought to butt out of movies

Todd McCarthy | Variety (15 Mar 2002)
Why have the pit bulls of political correctness decided to demonize smoking and ignore other much less normal aspects of life? Read more...

Rated 'R' for smoking

Charles Paul Freund | Reason (26 Nov 2002)
Have people been spending their days timing smoking scenes with stopwatches? Read more...