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Push against smoking opens on silver screen

Tara Parker-Pope | The Wall Street Journal (19 May 1997)
'I'm more concerned about Winona Ryder than about camels and cowboys.' Read more...


Hollywood's cigarette break of sorts

K. Thomas | USA Today (7 Nov 1996)
When it comes to movies, the Marlboro man reigns. Read more...

No waiting to inhale: Cigarettes light up the movies

Karen Thomas | USA Today (7 Nov 1996)
A study by the American Lung Association finds that of 133 movies released 1994-1995, 77 percent showed tobacco use. Read more...

Fewer Americans smoke, but Hollywood can't kick the habit

David E. Kalish | AP (21 Oct 1996)
The on-screen haze is reviving concerns the tobacco industry is paying for its products to appear in movies. Read more...

Force of habit

Elaine Dutka | Los Angeles Times (5 Sep 1996)
Feature films are five times more likely to depict smoking than TV. Read more...