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Jun 25, 2018 SGlantz

The MPAA strikes out

On Friday, June 22, MPAA chief Charles Rivkin responded, on deadline, to questions about the R-rating for tobacco raised by seven U.S. Senators on June 4...

Jun 18, 2018 jono

Everyone who buys a movie studio finds a few surprises

After an 18-month delay and a lawsuit by the U.S. Department if Justice, cable giant AT&T bought Warner Bros., HBO and Turner from Time Warner this week.

In acquiring Warner Bros, AT&...

Jun 7, 2018 SGlantz

Senate Concurrent Resolution 143 passed the California State Senate Health Committee on June 6, 2018 on a vote of 6-0  (5 Dems, 1 Rep).

 SCR 143, authored by Senator Richard Pan, urges the major motion picture companies and...

Jun 4, 2018 SGlantz

Film industry readies smoke and mirrors.On June 4, 2018, seven US Senators led by Edward J. Markey (D-MA) wrote a letter to MPAA chief Charles Rivkin asking for real action to “minimize" smoking in...

May 21, 2018 jono

Sign the petition!

May 21, 2018 | Smokefree Movies launched a first-ever petition to win the R-rating for movies with smoking from the trade groups that make the rating rules: the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Association of Theatre...

May 14, 2018 jono

Hollywood's wake-up call

A one-year deadline set by major US public health and medical organizations for the film industry to implement the R-rating for tobacco imagery will expire on June 1, 2018.

The groups set the deadline in reaction to the...

May 9, 2018 jono

State Capitol, Sacramento, California

On May 8, 2018, California State Sen. Richard Pan, MD (District 6) introduced a resolution calling on the state's film industry to rate future movies with smoking "R." 

California remains the world's leading producer of top-grossing movies with smoking. Since 2010, California has awarded...

May 3, 2018 jono

A tobacco map of film and TV

We’ve been asked by some Smokefree Movies partners to explain who owns whom in the TV and film these days. At first, it seems confusing because the same names keep popping up all over the media landscape.

But if you think about it, that actually makes our behavior-change project...

Apr 26, 2018 SGlantz

CDC infographic shows tobacco data changes from 2016 to 2017

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks onscreen smoking the same way that it tracks cholera outbreaks. Check out CDC's summary of kids' exposure to movie smoking, in 2017, on its latest ...

Apr 25, 2018 jono

If Disney buys Fox, who protects the kids?

Investors with more than half a trillion dollars under management have asked The Walt Disney Company to protect young audiences from hundreds of Fox films with smoking that Disney will receive in its planned takeover of Fox assets.

Investors listed their...