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Screen Out! is a survival kit for families and communities. It gives you the facts, the tools and the strategy to protect your kids and clear tobacco out of tomorrow's kid-rated movies. The package includes:

Fact sheets and resources
Names and addresses of top media CEOs
Sample letters and group resolution
Newspaper ad/posters and op-ed text
Slideshow briefing
Detailed organizer's guide
And more!

When parents and health professionals across America speak with one voice, Hollywood has to listen. Screen Out! is your chance to help save hundreds of thousands of lives over the next generation — and keep your own kids safe today.


Screen Out! Guide (PDF 1.6mb)
Screen Out! Slideshow (PPT 6.2mb)
Screen Out! Slide Script (PDF 5.0mb)
Screen Out! Ads (PDF 3.5mb)


“120,000 Lives” DVD includes the full Screen Out! package, including “pro” source files for your custom print and web applications.

Screen Out! was developed for the Smokefree Movies Action Network and is endorsed by:

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